About us

Center for Gender Equality and History (K.I.I.F.) is a collective initiative in the form of an NGO, aiming to research, study, and promote gender history as well as contemporary gender issues and equality, in Cyprus and the world. It aspires to become a center for the exchange of scientifically and research-based ideas and the advancement of action for equality.

K.I.I.F. consists of two main departments: the History Department and the Equality Department. Our special emphasis on history derives on the one hand from the recognition of the depressing invisibility of women’s history and of women’s contribution to the making of the Cypriot society and the world. It also derives from our desire to better understand the roots of patriarchy, homophobia and gender hierarchies therefore to better understand our present.Our approach is that equality is about empowerment, is about the rights of all genders. Our vision hence is to build a space for us to reclaim both our past and our future on the grounds of scientific knowledge, mutual respect, social justice, individual freedom, human rights, radical democracy and equality.

As an NGO, the organization is governed by the General Meetings of its members which occur every year in order to elect an Administrative Board of nine members. Then, the elected members make an internal election to decide the structure of the Board. Namely, the Administrative Board consists of: (a) the two Coordinators of the Board who share the responsibility of the general management of K.I.I.F. (b) the Financial Officer who is responsible for the financial administration and (c) the rest six Members of the Board.

Almost all official meetings of the Board are open to the members of the organization to observe and participate in the conversation. The current Administrative Board consists of Andria Kyprianou (Coordinator), Evi Tselika (Coordinator), Yiota Panayiotou (Financial Officer), Sotiroula Charalambous, Marianna Dimosthenous, Vasiliki Farao, Eirini Kyritsi, Lena Neophyte, and Panayiotis Stavrinides (Members).