The Center for Gender Equality and History (KIIF) and the Cyprus Family Planning Association (KSOP) are happy to announce the implementation of the project The Young for Gender Equality in the Family: The Importance of the State and the Social Institutions. The project is funded by the Cyprus Youth Organization within the framework of the European Program ERASMUS + (Key Action 3 – Structured Dialogue) and will last for two years. It began in January 2019 and is expected to be completed in December 2020. The project is a structured dialogue between young people and stakeholders. At the initial stage, the project includes the implementation of a quantitative and qualitative research that undertaken by Foundation Promoting Equality “Hypatia” aiming to capture the views of the young. The next stage refers to the organization of a series of workshops which will end with an island-wide general conference. Finally, a youth committee that will be elected by the conference will participate in a round of meetings with policy makers and stakeholders to convey the results of the conference.

The need for the implementation of this project by the two organizations derives from recognizing  that gender equality in the family has not yet been achieved despite the progress that has been accomplished during the last decades. Gender stereotypes continue to define the distribution of family roles and tasks while gender prejudices dominating the wider social environment—along with the lack of a functional welfare state and social policies which would protect and support parenting—lead to inequalities in and out of the family, and maintain conditions of oppression for both women and men.

The aim of this project is to offer space to young women and men to construct their opinions and to express them to stakeholders, urging them to apply good policies for gender equality in the family. The organizers aspire this way to contribute to the empowerment of the youth on issues of equality and give young people the opportunity to construct their own concrete proposals to society towards the goal of gender equality in the family.