KIIF has completed a series of experiential women’s workshops for Peace and Equality

Between March and June 2023, KIIF successfully organized a series of transformative workshops, comprising six mono-communal (Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots separately) and four bi-communal sessions.

The journey began on the 12 March 2023 in Nicosia, followed by workshops in Larnaca (19 March) and Deryneia (5 April). The momentum continued with workshops in Nicosia (29 April, 2 June, and 3 June) along with workshops in Deryneia and Famagusta (11 May and 16 June respectively).

The workshops provided invaluable opportunities for women to share their stories, perspectives, and struggles in an open and supportive environment.

Finally, on 25 June 2023, at the Ledra Palace in Nicosia Buffer Zone, we culminated this journey of empathy and unity with a grand final event, which was open to everyone, where participants had the chance to present widely unknown stories of women, either from their own personal history or with regards to selected biographies of Cypriot women.

The workshops aimed to bring together Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot women of diverse backgrounds and ages to discuss gender equality and peace in Cyprus. Over 150 women participated with the support of UNFICYP. The workshops used experiential and interactive activities to help participants explore their identities, examine their perceptions of each other, and confront prejudices and biases. The exchange of knowledge and opinions empowered the women to recognize their potential for change, appreciate their history and contributions, and value their voices. History had a special place in the educational content of the workshops highlighting women’s history and prompting discussions about biases in historical narratives. The workshops fostered understanding, unity, and a sense of empowerment among the women involved.

In case you’re interested in gaining further insight into each workshop and viewing numerous photos, feel free to explore our Facebook page, where you’ll find dedicated posts for each workshop

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